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Evergreen Publications (INDIA) Ltd. New Delhi
Honoured with the Award for Excellence in Book Production
It is a matter of pride and pleasure that Evergreen Publications (INDIA) Ltd. New Delhi was given the First Prize for Excellence in Book Production - 2016 by the Federation of Indian Publishers for selecting
New Treasure Chest No. 5 in the category of Textbooks in English. This textbook is a part of the prestigious series
‘New Treasure Chest A, B & 1 to 8’. It has a judicious compilation of chapters on prose and poetry. Almost each and every chapter conveys a message or values to be inculcated by the young readers. For example, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in a letter to his daughter, Indira Gandhi underlines the importance of the
‘Book of Nature’. The story of ‘The Marathon Man’ is the story of hardwork, courage and determination. The book also ..
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